Father's Day (A Treat)

family playing board games

This year I was expecting Father's Day to be just like any other day. But I was in for a surprise.

My wife, Maggie, had planned a special lunch for Youth Day and invited my eldest son and his family over. Some other special guests couldn't make it.

Just before 1 pm my son, Mark, and his wife, Natasja, together with my grandchildren, Crystal and Dillon arrived. Mark was carrying a gift which, when he handed it to me, almost caused me to drop it. I guessed that it must have been a book and before I opened the gift I said, "This surely is a Bible." Mark smiled and said, "Yes!"

It was a special keepsake edition. Immediately I started paging through the Bible and admired the quality. It is something that you record your family generations in and pass on to your descendants.

We enjoyed an amazing meal of chicken and vegetables that Maggie had prepared with a lot of love. Afterwards, Maggie asked me to set up my camera on a tripod to take an action shot of us because she needed it for her ladies union - something to do with projects that they are required to complete on a monthly basis.

Mark, my eldest son, is married to a lovely lady from Cape Town. I am very proud of him because he is very smart and has done very well in the IT industry and is a great husband and father to my grandchildren. Mark is also a good role model and an excellent athlete.

Then, on Father's Day, my second eldest son called early in the morning to wish me a special day. We chatted quite long about his work and he answered some questions I had about a website he was designing. Michael is also a very good husband to his pretty wife Kim and father to my granddaughter Morgan. Michael is creative and makes me very proud when I see how committed he is to provide for his family.

Just after that my daughter, Janine, phoned to wish me a happy Father's Day. Being my only daughter she obviously is very dear to my heart. Which father wouldn't love his pretty princess? Janine also makes me proud because of her energy and commitment. She doesn't give up easily and is a good mother and wife. Because of her and her husband, Sean, we started riding mountain bikes and have competed in a number of 24-hour races. One of these days we will be participating in a paintball competition together.

In the afternoon Lee-Roy, my youngest son, called me through Skype. Next to him were my grandson, Nathan, and my granddaughter, Angelica. Unfortunately, the Internet connection was poor, but we managed to keep the conversation going in spite of that. Even though Lee-Roy's career got off to a slow start he had the guts to keep at it until he had his big break and landed a fantastic position as a programmer with a leading company. That made me super proud of him. Another great thing about him is his commitment to building a body like Arnold S, his idol. He is in the gym every day. Lee-Roy also excels as a good husband to his pretty wife, Leatitia, and good father to my grandchildren.

We went to the morning service at our church and Maggie had breakfast with me at the House of Ribs. All in all, I had a wonderful Father's Day and it was beyond my wildest expectations. When I lay down to rest one day I will know that this world will be a better place because of how my children have turned out. They are the ones that will continue where I have left off.

This was the best Father's Day ever!


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