Blue Monday - (How I Coped)

ladies Schwinn bicycle

Monday morning  I woke up at 5:30 am and wondered what this day would be like. It was dark and cold with the temperature frozen at about 7 degrees. I switched the kettle on as well as the radio.

At 6:30 am we drove to our church to for our monthly business breakfast. That was quite enjoyable.

When we arrived home I found a bunch of urgent messages on WhatsApp. The next half an hour I spent sorting a client's email account out. No sooner had I handled that crisis when I received an email from a new client who couldn't access the website I had created for him. So I had to explain how he could enter the domain name in Google and his website would come up.

The next call was from another client asking when I would deliver his calendar. So that was my next assignment.

On the way there I popped in at Builders Warehouse to price a post box for my wife. I found one and took a picture of it with my iPhone. As I was about to leave I found a lady struggling to lift her basket of goods off the floor, her face wracked in agony. I offered to do the lifting and carried her load to the cashier. She told me she recently underwent a back operation. I ended up carrying her purchase to her car.

My next stop was our local mall where I delivered the calendar I had made to my client. He ordered a second calendar for his next payday.

Since I had recently sold my mountain bike I headed for a cycle shop to look at what they had in stock. They had a funky retro-looking Schwinn bicycle for ladies which I fancied for my wife. It was very basic but rode pretty well. Quite a comfortable bike. I took a picture of it to show here.

When I returned home after buying some meat at the local butcher I found that the painting of our security bars and gate was progressing well. We are preparing for a TV crew that will be visiting us next Monday. It's quite an exciting time for my wife who will be getting a make-over by a famous glam guru. More on that in another article. She's going to be on TV!

Another client phoned me with his bright idea. Told me we can make a lot of money. I rejected his idea because it was too risky. Enough said.

I took a short break and returned to my computer to continue work on a website for a client. The work was progressing very well and I finished at 5 pm. It's quite normal for me to work for 12 hours before calling it a day - often longer than that.

Oh yes, I phoned a few clients for appointments as well and drafted an email to one explaining how I promote companies on my blog and social media.

Then I prepared food for our dogs and fed them. I enjoyed a hearty supper with my wife who is an excellent cook and settled into my favourite Lazy Boy couch to write this article. I decided to add something about my day for you.

So my Monday wasn't bad at all. It was a normal working day where I managed to cope with life and commitments. When you work for yourself (self-employment) you have to do a lot of different things in a day besides work and dealing with clients. This often spills over into weekends when you really want to relax, but can't.

On Saturday I was photographing Karate students doing their grades. It was quite intense and I still have to go through 600 photos and edit quite a number of those. But today was Monday and it was fine.


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