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Insulating the ceiling of your home has quite a few advantages that any home or business owner should consider, which I will lay out below. So this article is about ceiling insulation because temperatures are steadily dropping in the southern hemisphere.

Advantages of Ceiling Insulation:
  • It will turn an office or room into a warmer environment because the insulation creates a barrier that reduces heat loss
  • Saving on electricity bills - people are less inclined to make use of costly heating appliances
  • Another benefit is sound proofing - less noise pollution
  • Insulation is fire retardant - if you choose the right product
  • An insect and rodent repellent - if you choose the right product
  • If you take all the above into account you save money

Having said that you need to make the right choice in ceiling insulation. There are different products on the market, but do they offer the following benefits?

Benefits of Thermguard Ceiling Insulation:
  • The product makes use of 80% recycled newsprint with harmless household additives
  • It is eco-friendly, can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money
  • Thermguard is a proven system from the United States
  • Reduced the density of 20%
  • Allows more air to be trapped between the fibres
  • Is lighter and less expensive with superior insulation values
  • It is blown onto the ceiling to make a loose-fill cellulose fibre insulation that can reach nooks and crannies in the roof
  • This results in a seamless blanket where no heat gains or losses can occur – thus providing an effective insulation barrier
  • Thermguard will reduce the annoying noise pollution from traffic and airplanes
  • It also reduces the sounds in the building from between rooms through the roof spaces
  • Normally .80 to .90 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of the sound is absorbed by the insulation
  • Fire retardant and insect and rodent repellent
  • It is also lifetime guaranteed

With so many benefits Thermguard is a premium insulation product that can be installed relatively quickly and will prove to be a sound investment. Contact The Solarshop via their website today. The Solar Shop was selected as one of the Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists of 2016 by Homeimprovement4U. 


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