Dreamtime Surface Paintings

Surface paintings by Dreamtime Products add dramatic impact to previously bland surfaces at creches and preschool institutions. If you look at what these surfaces looked like before you would agree that they have done something very special to transform the appearances for the better.

This is a photo of the tiled surface before it was painted.

A photo of a brick driveway after it was cleaned and painted.

This driveway looked unattractive before it was painted.

Impressive isn't it. I'm tempted to have my driveway painted after seeing this. Each surface is painted with an appropriate paint for lasting wear and tear. It shows you what can be done with a little bit of imagination and much innovation plus hard work.

A very ugly looking play area before.

The final product. Any kid would want to play there.

I take my hat off to Doug of Dreamtime Products for his creativity and excellent work. If you know of any place that needs transformation like the above examples then let them contact Dreamtime products by going to their website.


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