Top 25 Most Popular Award Winner for 2016

The Solar Shop awarded top 25  most popular 2016

top 25 most popular 2016 badge - Homeimprovements4u
To become a Top 25 Most Popular Award Winner for 2016 is quite an honour. Spending hours learning and improving one's skills over days, weeks, months, years, keeping up with the ever-changing browser landscape and latest trends.

Sometimes, while you are busy collecting new information and applying it to your work to promote a blog, further tweak a website, a post or a pin behind the scenes, you'd get a difficult customer or two, criticise your work as if they knew more than you. That's why it comes as a pleasant surprise when someone completely independent and unbiased sends you a message of congratulations and recognition for your hard work. Work that gets done in isolation to benefit other people - your clients.

When you work hard to make a client's website climb in ranking until it reaches position number one the usual response is indifference because they assume it was easy and it's just what you do. They don't realise what it takes to accomplish something like that. That's actually still okay. But then you get someone that's just plain stubborn and negative. I recently encountered someone like that and decided to just leave them be.

Well, back to the recognition part. It's most rewarding when you promote a company and that company plays their part well in delivering client satisfaction worthy of your praise. It's like a team effort - you do your part and they deliver the goods in spectacular fashion. To me, it's like a magic formula.

So here's what I got:

"The Homeimprovement4U Team is delighted to announce that your business ranked among our Top 25 Most Popular Home Improvement Services for 2016."

"Congratulations and keep up the great work!"

"These rankings have been allocated by location to the businesses with the highest number of visits, positive reviews and overall engagement across the Homeimprovement4U website."

"What does it mean for my business?"

"The Most Popular ranking helps visitors to quickly identify you as a trusted and popular business, which will attract more customers to your business."

" Download your badge and place it prominently on your website and social media properties to let your customers know that you made the Top 25 Most Popular Home Improvement Services for 2016."

So that's the commendation. The company that did the delivering of the excellent service and customer satisfaction is The Solar Shop.

Thank you HomeImprovement4U.

Here are links to two recent blog posts for them:


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