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Pool Safety Nets - Prevent Accidents

Pool Nets– stop unwanted accidents from happening.
There is a video where a child manages to climb on the fence surrounding the pool and he easily unlocks the pool gate in seconds. What a scary sight. Children and pets – sometimes even adults – can’t swim. They need your protection if you have a pool. Accidents happen unexpectedly.
We hear regularly in the news about loved ones drowning in swimming pools and the trauma that they suffer because of the tragic loss. Maybe you are visiting with a friend and your attention is somewhere else and didn't notice that your beloved child had slipped away to explore the yard. Sounds familiar but incidences like these occur when you don’t want them to.
Make a wise decision to safeguard your pool by adding a properswimming pool net. DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because how would you ever measure the cost of a life?
A pool safety net is definitely the answer because it is the last barrier to protect your pool should a toddler manage to access the swimm…

Top 25 Most Popular Award Winner for 2016

To become a Top 25 Most Popular Award Winner for 2016 is quite an honour. Spending hours learning and improving one's skills over days, weeks, months, years, keeping up with the ever-changing browser landscape and latest trends.

Sometimes, while you are busy collecting new information and applying it to your work to promote a blog, further tweak a website, a post or a pin behind the scenes, you'd get a difficult customer or two, criticise your work as if they knew more than you. That's why it comes as a pleasant surprise when someone completely independent and unbiased sends you a message of congratulations and recognition for your hard work. Work that gets done in isolation to benefit other people - your clients.

When you work hard to make a client's website climb in ranking until it reaches position number one the usual response is indifference because they assume it was easy and it's just what you do. They don't realise what it takes to accomplish something…