Read, Write, Learn and Exercise

Ron on his mountain bike

As I drifted from my dreams into wakefulness I stretched and stood up in the dark. I flipped my iPhone and saw that it was just after 3 a.m. Peering through a window I noticed that it looked rather wet outside. Yesterday I decided to take better care of myself – to read something every day, exercise every day and learn something new every day, amongst other things. All in the interest of self-improvement. Oh yes, I also need to practice writing every day too.

So, after reading and meditating a bit in my lazy boy, I donned my cycling clothes plus a jacket. I walked my mountain bike out the front gate and cycled off into a chilly morning. I could detect a light breeze on my back and fine drops of rain gently tickled my face.

It had rained quite a lot during the night because there were puddles of water all around and the ground was covered with fallen leaves. Initially, I wanted to ride a short distance, but then changed that to a 4 kilometre. To have fun you need to do a proper job, hey! More is better.

Not feeling quite awake yet I just peddled and couldn’t think of anything to think about. I just enjoyed being in the moment smelling the freshness after the rain, listening to the world struggling to wake up and feeling the cool air and drizzle.

My ambitions were to become a serious rider, even be competitive. Then I had a whole string of problems that beset my body. First, there was a hernia, followed by a long period of recovery. After that came a severe heart condition, again followed by a long period of recovery. Last year I developed extreme pain in my lower back and left upper leg which lasted for two months. With health issues like that who could train to become competitive? Each episode eked away at my riding ambitions and motivation, so now I ride for the joy and exercise.

Cycling back, it started drizzling harder and I was pushing against a steady breeze. Only a few cars passed by on the road as I stuck to the section next to it riding on the gravel. Almost home I crossed the field opposite our property and the wet grass slapped against my ankles and the rain made music as it pitter-pattered on my helmet.

“Did you rain wet,” I heard my wife enquire as I parked my bike and walked in.
“Yes, dear,” I replied. But it didn’t bother me since I really felt good from the exercise.

I made oats for breakfast and immediately settled down to jotting a few points down on my notepad as a skeleton for this article. This evening I sat in my lazy boy again with my laptop on my lap (ha-ha) and finished this article while my wife was watching her soapies.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment that today I managed to adhere to my resolution to do something for myself. Read, write, learn something new and exercise.


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