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Kruger Park Trips From Johannesburg

Oxpecker Tours offer well-run customised tours that include famous places like the  Kruger National Park. The promise is an exceptional value and Gerhard Marais says his way is comfort. He has been running Kruger Park trips from Johannesburg and is very experienced.

Ideally situated close to OR Tambo International Airport Oxpecker Tours are the perfect gateway to the Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park is truly the flagship of the South African National Parks. The vegetation ranges from riverine forests, grassy plains and semi-desert areas and it is the home of the Big 5 as well as various game and birdlife. There are diverse accommodation options ranging from chalets to luxury tents.

Every nature-lover should experience seeing the Big 5 in their natural habitat.

The Kruger Park is famous for an abundance of wildlife where you can enjoy the thrill of spotting wild lions, leopards, rhino, buffalo, and elephants. There are immersive Wilderness Trails where you can get up close and person…

Charlotte Roth GIVEAWAY

Charlotte Roth - GIVEAWAY #1 AMAZON GIFT CARD and free eBook Greetings from Seattle and welcome to the party. This is my favourite time of year not so much because of Halloween but because of the amazing autumn colours, cosy sweaters, candlelights, and hot cocoa (with a pile of whipped cream ;)).
Let’s kick off this party with a little giveaway for everyone--as a thank you for hanging out. I'm running a promo right now so please do grab your free copy here:
Also, for a chance to win a 5$ Amazon gift card, I want to hear all your best Halloween costumes ideas for you/your kids. What are you going to be?
I have a hard time deciding. We do have a beer fest coming up, so I might just do a Gretchen costume?
Please comment below. If you have a picture, even better ðŸ˜Š
Here is a picture of me and my kids from last year  ;-))

Speaking of fun... Let the fun begin…
I’ll announce the winner later. Good luck! Thank you, Charlotte Roth - Author of Witty and Warm Women'…

Dr. Felix Starker Chiropractor (Kempton Park)

Dr. Felix Starker is a chiropractic healthcare professional situated in Kempton Park, East Rand, Gauteng. His hands-on approach to health care includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment, using joint and spinal manipulation with his broad range of chiropractic experience.

I was introduced to him recently to design a website for his practice by a friend who regularly visits him. I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. It was my opportunity to learn more about his field of expertise.

Last year I was plagued with severe back pain and desperately sought relief. A visit to a GP didn't help and a friend suggested that I try her chiropractor who had helped her husband. Because my condition was so severe that I could barely walk a few steps and sitting was almost impossible, I decided to book an appointment for treatment.

Needless to say, I ended up feeling worse. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get rid of the back pain. Because of that experience, …

The People From Brakpan

The people from Brakpan are quite often ridiculed. How this came about is a mystery to me. I suppose someone started with a joke and others added to his comments and it grew from there. We live in a world where we put people into boxes with labels. Most often it is cruel and incorrect. Fortunately, someone's story comes along that changes our perspective.

Yesterday I accompanied my wife to her uncle's birthday party in Brakpan. The Maps app on my iPhone gave me conflicting information so I had to use intuition to home in on the venue. Luckily my decision was correct and then the voice on my wife's smartphone announced that we were at the right place. Nice! all this technology that we carry with us.

Well, we pulled into the parking area and went to meet the people. First up were some folks standing outside by the braai fires - I was glad that we wouldn't have to wait too long before we could get our meat on.

Her family was very glad to see my wife Maggie since we hadn&…

Charlenè Brouwer | Living Her Dream

This is my testimony of years and years of hard work. So for the last two years, I have dedicated myself to something else I dreamed about since 6 years old. I never as a child wanted to be anything else than an actress. I lived and breathed that dream (kind of) into reality. I was raised in a small town called Sannieshof and I always wanted to move to a big city. I never dreamed of Hollywood but I wanted to be an actress telling South African stories. As a 19-year-old, I gave up my studies in Potchefstroom and moved to Italy (my second flight in my life ever and my first flight was alone to America).

I began working as a model. It was lonely and I was not happy and decided to come back to South Africa. I packed up my things moved to Johannesburg and met a woman that truly changed my life Hilary Pace. She taught me what it is to be a strong woman in this industry. How to run a business and not take a lot of bullying in this industry. I met a kind man called Bobby Heany who opened my …

Firearms Specialists - Glock Firearms

The best firearm specialist and distributor, Firearm Trust Services, now has a range of the famous GLOCK 19 & 17 GEN5 firearms in stock.

Their brands include Armalite tactical firearms, McMillan, Surgeon (well known for their sniper rifles), Newcon, Uzkon & AWC.

Surgeon Rifles manufacture high-end precision bolt-action rifles, actions, and other accessories. These sniper rifles are regularly used in competitive contests.

Surgeon Rifles products are available for Military, Law Enforcement, and individual consumers.

Firearm Trust Services specialises in the importation and distribution of Surgeon Rifles in South Africa. They are situated in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

They are also involved in collections, safekeeping, transfers of ownership, de-activation of firearms, destruction of firearms, de-registration of firearms, imports and exports of firearms. Firearm Trust Services handle certain legal aspects related to firearms such as estates as well as professional advice.

You can ha…

The One That Got Away - Charlotte Roth (Free Today)

A little love from me to you...
We can all need a little extra love and laughs--especially now with the cold and the rain moving in (well, at least in my neck of the woods). So please do grab a free copy of my eBook, The One That Got Away--a fun, warm-hearted, and compelling story about a lot of what if’s, how we often take love for granted, and how life doesn’t always have to be picture perfect!
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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly looked into the eyes of your handsome ex-boyfriend, at a romantic wedding in Rome ... far away from your husband?
Helen is almost forty and her boobs are starting to go south. She’s also happily married to Mark. But why, then, can’t she stop staring at ex-fiancée Rob’s big blue eyes from the minute she finds him on Facebook? An…

Gliding - The Purest Form Of Flying

Back in 1978, we were living in Tsumeb in Namibia where I was working for the mine. This was where I discovered the purest form of flying. It was by accident, but I didn't know it at the time.

Our house was situated two blocks from the local airfield that belonged to the mine. Every so often a roaring could be heard when the company plane approached for landing or prepared for take-off. I always loved planes and the noise never bothered me. I usually went outside to watch.

I'm not sure how it happened but I decided to visit the airfield and discovered that there was a model radio control flying club right next to the main runway. One of the members suggested that I order a kit from Cape Town if I wanted to join. I decided to leave things in his hands and a few weeks later my first radio controlled glider arrived.

It took me quite a while to build the glider and it turned out looking fine. My new friend provided the radio control equipment and the day arrived when we met at th…

Matric Farewell Photo Shoot

The Matric Farewell at Maranatha Christian School on 13 October 2017 was a special occasion for me because I could try out my Canon 1DX Mark II in ever-changing late afternoon lighting conditions. The addition of a decent flashlight contributed to my success. The photo above of a stunning couple made life even easier. 
I only needed to make a tiny adjustment to brighten the photo ever so slightly. It was very sharp just the way I took it. The girl's makeup was picture perfect. When I enlarged it for a closer look in Photoshop it was perfectly focused even when I zoomed right into their faces. This is a close crop from a portrait picture and all the fine detail is there. I couldn't have asked for better results.

They arrived in a shiny DKW car.

A closeup in the car.

The couple have just arrived - car in the background

They got the royal treatment arriving on the red carpet.

This is the same photo as the one at the top (uncropped). I couldn't have asked for better subjects t…

Ray-Ban Sunglasses And BMW Motorcycle Mystery

Ray-Ban Aviators sunglasses have always been my first choice in sunglasses and BMW my premium brand of motorcycle. Two things very dear to me. But there's a mystery behind this story on a particular day going back ten years from today. It flashed back into my mind and I decided to share it with you. This picture is almost exactly as I remember it.
It was a sunny day with puffy clouds chasing each other against a bright blue sky - the perfect day to don my favourite Ray-Bans. After many years I managed to acquire a magnificent BMW 1200 RT motorcycle and I climbed aboard for my trip to the centre of Johannesburg. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of riding one of those machines. Travelling in a car doesn't come near.
The trip into the city was fantastic and I felt like the king of the road. Midday traffic was busy and I parked my bike two blocks away from the Carlton Centre. Being in a hurry to get to the Foto Shop in the centre I grabbed my films and walked briskly to my de…

Hair Salon Norkem Park - House of Hair

House of Hair Salon is a well-run hair salon in Kempton Park on the East Rand in Gauteng. This hair salon has been around for 15 years and specialises in hair styling making use of well-known brands such as Matrix, Elumen, Goldwell, Hannon and Strands of Love. All their clients receive excellent treatment.

They have a new image and you can see some of their photos in the slideshow below.

Elumen hair colour by Goldwell elumenates your hair from the inside out with exquisite, matchless results for a professional look. With Elumen you get:

• Intense and brilliant colour results
• Exceptional shine
• Remarkable and incredible durability
• Amazing, healthy looking hair

The reason is the colour remains strong even after ten shampoos. Elumen is without ammonia, without ammonia-odor, non-oxidative and gentle for the hair.

Strands of Love 
Strands of Love Seamless Tape Extensions. Tape in hair extensions is the latest technology in hair extensions.
Tape is fast, easy to fit and very comfortab…

Heritage Day At Nozuko Nxusani

Heritage Day was celebrated by the staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. in Kempton Park on 22.9.2017. The ladies were all dressed up for the special occasion in bright colours. When I arrived they were waiting for the arrival of their Executive Director, Ms. Nozuko Nxusani. When they saw me with camera in hand they immediately wanted to pose for photographs.
The moment, Ms. Nxusani arrived the proceedings began and she started handing out service awards to four of the ladies who had been at the company for five years. They were congratulated and handed a framed certificate as well as a cheque. Each one expressed their appreciation with great jubilation while their colleagues applauded.
Next, it was time to eat and everyone tucked in. Nozuko mingled with her staff and chatted in a friendly mood. You could see that she is highly revered by everyone. I have been involved in working for her company on an ad-hoc basis for a few years now and have learned that she is a wonderful boss because she a…

Immigration Agency (Johannesburg)

Fresh Hope Migration is an established and successful Immigration Agency specializing in South African:

Immigration VisasBusiness VisasWork VisasRelative VisasStudy VisasVisa ExtensionsVisa AppealsChange of ConditionsPermanent Residence Applications They also assist with Nigeria tourists /work visas and passport applications.

Place of Business

Situated in Kempton Park on the East Rand (near Johannesburg), Gauteng, South Africa, Fresh Hope Migration have years of experience in the Immigration Industry. If you meet the requirements for a work visa call them for an appointment or send them an email.

Visa Services

Fresh Hope Migration - Immigration Agency Kempton Park, Johannesburg - specializes in the following visa services: immigration visas, business visas, work visas, relative visas, study visas, visa extensions, visa appeals and change of conditions.

I have known them for a few years and have found them to be friendly and helpful. If you need help with passports or visas contact this i…

Hotel Amenities Provide That Professional Touch

Hotel Amenities can make a huge difference and provide that professional touch, as I discovered on a trip to the coast recently.

We finally found the small hotel on the side of the hill cozily nestled among the pines and pulled into the driveway. After the long drive, the afternoon heat had taken its toll on us. We were sweaty and irritable. Very tired.

After unpacking the car we booked in. Fortunately, our room had two bathrooms and my wife and I each grabbed one. I searched in vain for soap and shampoo in my case and realized that my dear wife had forgotten to pack those items. I opened the tap to run the bath water.

That's when I noticed the hotel had already catered for guests forgetting things because they had thoughtfully placed a pack of amenities on a small table next to the bath. Relieved I smiled and climbed into the steaming hot water and lay there as the warmth soothed away my stress.

Reaching over to the bath and shower gel in a golden pack with a ram on the front I s…

Getting Social For Your Business

There's a place and a time to get out of your comfort zone and engage in social activity. Today was one of those days for me.

I woke up early this morning and managed to get to church on time. What for? That on a Monday morning, too. Once a month they host a breakfast for the business people. After "The Message," which was excellent, we went for breakfast.

After finding a place in the crowded canteen I sat next to an estate agent across the table. He seemed very interested in what I shared about my work and requested a follow-up meeting. Next, I joined a friend at his table and again shared what I do for clients which resulted in a positive outcome. That was a good start to my day and month.

At home, I dug into some website designing and typing in Word. Before long it got much busier and I was multi- tasking 3 projects. With more clients comes more work. Then my work became even busier as the day continued.

Later I spent some time catching up on Facebook. It's been …

Carpet of Flowers (Namaqualand)

How I miss the carpet of flowers that used to greet me when I was a young boy living in Namaqualand. During Spring those flowers always decorated the countryside where I lived in Nababeep. It was like heaven with all the colours imaginable.
How fortunate I was to grow up in that mining town. Far away from the city. Isolated. Yet I wouldn't have had it any other way. Okay, I had to learn a new language, Afrikaans, because the majority of the folks there spoke it. In the beginning, my friends had to put up with my English until I picked up a few Afrikaans words. Fortunately, they were patient with me and helped me master their unusual language.
After we moved closer to the mine so that my father could walk to his workshop I made friends with Dirkie Coetzee who became my best friend. We did many things together. Sometimes we just listened to his favourite Jim Reeves records and other times we read fiction books about "Die Swart Luiperd." My favourite hero was Tarzan.
He ha…

Mhangwana Accountants (Kempton Park)

Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountants are celebrating 21 years of accounting service.
I've been involved with Mhangwana Commercial and Financial Accountants for a few months now and have seen their commitment to their profession as accountants in Kempton Park. They are thorough in their work and hardworking as well. They recently held a workshop for their clients and went to great trouble to explain their accounting and skills transfer to everyone present. Below is a summary of what transpired at the workshop.
A short video of Mpho Mhangwana in action.
The workshop kicked off just after 9:00 am. The MC was the first up and he not only got the audience laughing, after which he introduced the main speaker, Mpho Mhangwana.

First on the agenda was Audited Financial Statements, the Budgets. Mpho explained specific examples where special diligence needs to be exercised to stick to sound financial management principles.

He went into …

50 Years of Okinawan Goju Ryu in SA

50 years on a good reason to celebrate.

Five decades have passed since Okinawan Goju Ryu was introduced to South Africa by a remarkable man, sensei James Rousseau.  His journey through this period has created a wake of profound energy, immense interest in what he nurtured and a legacy that has crossed boundries, spilling over into branches that today continue to practice some form of what he brought to this country.

Today we look back at all that has gone before and stand proudly beneath the great tree that has grown from the tiny seed planted in 1966 when sensei James established himself in South Africa as the founder of Okinawan Goju Ryu with the grade of Sandan.

Sensei James began his karate training in the Shotokan system in 1961 and received Shodan ranking in 1964. During one of his trips to Japan he became acquainted with Goju Ryu and decided to concentrate his training in this system.  He relates many interesting experiences, crediting his wife Wendy for her supportive role, a…

Fishing Drone, And More, By Dronemasters

Radio control drones for racing, fishing drones and recreational drones have become a new and established way of enjoying the sport of radio control flying and fishing. Radio control planes and cars have been around for a long time and continue to enjoy steady support. With new gadgets being added to radio control we are now able to have even more fun with first person view and GPS technology. These recent developments have created opportunities for anglers to join the ranks of the radio control fraternity because of the greater versatility that drones offer. 
Dronemasters @ Hobby Centre is newly located at the pleasant Goodies for Gardens Shopping Centre in the heart of the Kempton Park suburbs.
Dronemasters are specialists in all types of racing and recreational drones used for photography and freestyle flying.

Both Gary and Neville are both SAMAA graded multi-rotor and fixed wing instructors and can give professional lessons to anyone wanting to develop a RC flying skill.
It is the…

National Women's Month 2017 (Nozuko Nxusani Inc)

National Women's Month 2017 is a time to celebrate women in South Africa. All women need to be honoured for making our lives richer and enjoyable. They are often the unsung heroes in all spheres of life and don't always get the recognition for what they quietly do behind the scenes.
One woman that has steadily grown her business in hard times and good times over a period of 17 years is none other than Ms Nozuko Nxusani. She is the Executive Director of Nozuko Nxusani Incorporated, a legal firm of attorneys and conveyancers in Johannesburg.

She leads a team of top legal executives, Mr. Selemo Ben Makubung being the Managing Director and Mr. Frank Koko the Operations Director of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. They have specialized fields of expertise and each contribute in a unique way to the effective functioning of the legal firm.

Besides their lush executive offices in Westcliff, Johannesburg, they also have satellite offices in Kempton Park and East London.
Ms Nozuko Nxusani continues…

Accommodation near OR Tambo Airport (Big 5 Guesthouse)

Accommodation near OR Tambo Airport can be found at Big 5 Guest House with elegant, high-end furnishings. It’s strategically situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Kempton Park only 6.5 kilometres away from the airport and minutes away from all the highways and byways to all the major attractions.

When you arrive, you will friendly staff and a pleasant environment where you can relax and unwind. The setting is exactly like in the photographs with a paved driveway and parking for each room. There is a bushveld lapa is situated on the left where you can relax and watch TV or dine in a comfortable setting overlooking a sparkling swimming pool.

You have a choice of five different well-maintained rooms. Each one has beds to sleep on, DSTV, and a study table and light where you can prepare your work for the days to come.

The units are also serviced daily and we provide a laundry service on site. Each of the units has got its own private bathroom. In the guesthouse, you have the …