Solar Heating A Swimming Pool
Solar heating a swimming pool can even make your pool a pleasure to swim in even during the summer months. Lately, we have been getting a lot of rain and the temperatures drop quite suddenly. We’ve even experienced temperature drops when it got quite windy recently. If you are a lover of water and don’t want to feel the chill then it’s a great idea to install a solar heater for your pool.

The Solar Shop is a company that specializes in solar pool heating. Their solar heating system effectively warms the water by means of solar radiation. I just love that.

Making use of solar energy is good for the environment and freely available from the sun. The Solar Shop makes use of the SolaRoll™ Pool Heating System which is a very durable product and does not warp, crack, rot, rust, corrode or chip. It is made of EPDM, a special rubber which is unaffected by ozone, heat or cold.

The cool thing about SolaRoll™ Pool Heating System is that you can install it all by yourself or leave it up to the experts at The Solar Shop. They reckon that you don't need any special skills or tools to install the SolaRoll collectors yourself.

The very same system has won awards overseas and has been in use for many years. It has been found that to enjoy your swim the water temperature should preferably be at least 30°C whereas temperatures without heating the water are in the region of about 25°C or slightly above.

Head on over to their website and see for yourself.


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