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Although many of us associate sniper rifles with military engagements where snipers lay hidden from view waiting to engage an unsuspecting member of the enemy at a great distance. I'm sure there are still instances like this in real life today. However, there is also another application where contestants compete in shooting events around the world.

At the 2015 Heatstroke Open, Team Surgeon shooter Jim See finished at the top of a 120 shooter field from Oklahoma and Texas. He commented that it was the highlight of his career and that his equipment performed to perfection all weekend.

The match was hosted in Camargo, Oklahoma and ran over two days with more than 230 target engagements. Local conditions were windy during the competition and Jim used his Surgeon Scalpel in 6.5×47 Lapua topped with a Vortex Gen 2 Razor to engage targets out to 1300 yards.

The Heatstroke Open was See’s second win of the 2015 PRS season. That was great shooting from Jim and his sniper rifle.

Surgeon Rifles is a manufacturer of high-end precision bolt-action rifles, actions, and other accessories. With these sniper rifles, shooters who are highly ranked in industry competitive contests consistently utilise surgeon rifles and actions to be successful in such events. 

An indication of the quality and accuracy of the Surgeon rifle is demonstrated by the results of the Precision Rifle Series in 2012. This was a 15-event competition in 11 states over a one-year period with 150 of the top competitive shooters in the country. A surgeon rifle placed first nine of the 15 events and team members finished in first place and six of the other top 10 places in the series. Surgeon Rifles products are available for Military, Law Enforcement, and individual consumers.

The importer and distributor of Surgeon Rifles to South Africa, Firearm Trust Services, is situated in Kempton Park, Gauteng. They can answer all your questions regarding these rifles. You can have a look at their website and view the range of sniper rifles and other related products and even contact them for your requirements.

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