Willie's Hairstylist - Gents Hairstylist Kempton Park

Gents can be very fussy about their haircuts. With the latest hairstyles in 2016 men’s styling techniques have never been more interesting and exciting. We all noticed a drastic change in gents hairstyles this year when the pompadour came into fashion where guys liked their hair cut  shorter on the sides with a flash of hair on top.

This brings us to someone that has been styling gents hair for a very long time. Herman van Vuuren has been cutting gents hair for many years and does an excellent job. He also caters for students and pensioners haircuts. People like him because he is experienced and likeable. Herman has made special parking available to disabled people and has a movable ramp to enable wheelchairs to get into his salon.

No-one can deny the fact that institutions like Willie's Hairstylist provide an important service to their community. It's not like there are many gents hairstylists popping up all over the place. To discover more about this gents hairstylist you can visit his web page.

Keep up the good work Herman.


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