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RE/MAX Team Danie Goosen Estate Agents Kempton Park beautiful house

RE/MAX Team Danie Goosen

To most of the public in Kempton Park, Danie Goosen Estates is a well known and household name in the property market. For the out-of-towners a brief history.

Danie Goosen: He operated in Kempton Park since 1978, selling real estate and moving in the property circles. Danie was involved in sales and management of several household estate agencies in Kempton Park. 

Liz Goosen: In 1975 Liz has an accounting background. Hundreds of customers that dealt with Liz over the last 2 decades knew her friendly, always helpful, “Client is Number 1” attitude. She served on the Afrikaans Sakevrou Klub for many years.

Recently Liz and her son Niel joined RE/MAX, recognized as one of the leading international global real estate franchise companies with the most productive sales force in the industry. RE/MAX has over 100 000 agents operating from over 6 500 offices in over 97 countries worldwide.

If you are looking for estate agents with experience and honesty then Liz and Niel are the people to contact. Read more on their web page.


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