Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop

If you live in Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Benoni and surrounding areas and you need to service your vehicle, then Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop at the GT Centre next to The Great North Road. The GT Centre is well-known to people in the area and Supa-Fit is a one-stop vehicle repair and maintenance shop.

This means that you can buy new tyres for your car and have them balanced and the wheel alignment can be done there. If your car needs a new exhaust or even a free-flow exhaust fitted, Supa-Fit can do it. Maybe your car isn't performing well anymore and you are considering an engine overhaul, then Supa-Fit has the right workshop, equipment and technicians to get the job done. They also do brakes, cv joints, towbars, batteries and fix punctures. They also do turbo conversions.

You can't miss their workshop when you are travelling on the Great North Road because they have painted their logo in big letters against a red background on their building. If you are like me, the only driver in the family, and you don't know what to do while Supa-Fit is working on your vehicle then not to worry because you can relax at the GT Coffee Shop right next door while you wait. Or you can pop into Michael's Gents Hairstylist on the corner for a stylish haircut.

From the Supa-Fit website, you will see that their setup is pretty good and they strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship at all times. Supa-Fit is an RMI registered mechanical workshop. Give them a call. You'll find their prices reasonable and their service friendly. Should you be interested in including your business on the Aw-Sum | Business Community Directory, then go there and contact us.


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