I Am Rich Because I Am So Blessed

Material possessions. Yes, I have some of those. In terms of what I have, I would say I am middle-class. I live in a house with four bedrooms and have built a carport for my car. The grounds are quite big with a garden in the front and an enclosed vegetable garden outside of my kitchen in the back. I bought the house to raise my children in, but they are all grown up now and married, so it's just my wife and I living here.

We have all the basic necessities to live reasonably well. I still work and enjoy being creative and serving my clients doing photography and designing websites as well as Search Engine Optimisation. More clients are being added to my portfolio on an ongoing basis and therefore I am eternally blessed. This is not what I am writing about today.

What I actually want to write about is my experience of today. Friends of ours were not feeling too well and my wife asked me if we could drive over to them after the morning church service - which was fantastic by the way. After church, we enjoyed a cup of delicious aromatic coffee in the cafeteria and drove to our friends in the next town.

We spent three hours visiting and fellowshipping with them. To our surprise, we were also treated to a hearty meal that went down well. We didn't expect to be fed, but they shared the little they had with us. They aren't young anymore, and being treated to a lovely meal was a real blessing since they don't have much as pensioners. But they shared what they had with us.

We drove home feeling more than treated to a lunch. In our minds, we were going to pay them a visit to share our friendship and love with them not expecting anything in return. What we experienced exceeded our expectations and the time spent eating wasn't all that long, but we feel totally blessed by having such lovely friends. That is why I say I am rich because life isn't about all the things you have, but about real friendship with genuine people who aren't after what they can get out of you, but what they can contribute to that friendship.

When they had money and were employed they contributed money and gifts to my grandson when my daughter was expecting and unwed. Through the years we saw their position go backwards due to poor decisions and bad luck but we remained friends and encouraged them when they needed it and prayed for them when they needed prayers. We gave them love and listened to their concerns and stuck with them all the way. So when they gave us a treat today it meant so much to us.

Friendship like that is priceless. It makes me feel rich and truly blessed. I believe that having friends that really care about you no matter what's happening in your life is a special thing that money or things can't buy. Friends that remain loyal to you even though it's not easy or convenient at times. They just love you for who you are.


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