Corporate clothing and branding by Extended Client Solutions

Promotional Clothing, Company Branding, and Corporate Clothing Services can be obtained from Extended Client Solutions.

Corporate Clothing and Safety Wear

Empower your employees and allow them to wear and display your brand. Supply your management staff and internal departments with corporate uniforms, and equip your factory labour with protective overalls, safety boots, and other Personal Protective Equipment. You can get these from Extended Client Solutions.

Sports Wear Sponsorships

Re-invest in society by marketing your company through Sporting Sponsorships. ECS can sublimate your jerseys, cycling shirts and present you with basically any sporting requirement including the equipment you may require.

Outdoor Branding

Branded gazebos are excellent when you have an outdoor function, such as a golf day or at a function where you will be displaying some of your products and marketing brochures for clients to view. Another great way to display your company branding and logo is with pull-up roller banners or Vehicle Branding. These are effective at conferences, shows, and other meetings. Let ECS manufacture them for your next important event.

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