Cherry Picker Rental and Sales

SA Platforms are an excellent company that rents and sells Cherry pickers under the Genie brand. Since they started a few years ago they have experienced incredible growth because of their commitment to customer satisfaction. They not only give you good advice but also exist to make your work safe, effective and efficient. That means they help you enhance workplace productivity, which they believe to be a socially responsible practice.

They have a reliable source of Genie Lifting Platforms enables them to sell and rent out a variety of Cherry Pickers (Lifting Platforms) to suit your needs. The range includes but is not limited to:
• Scissor Lifts
• Telescopic Boom Lifts
• Articulated Boom Lifts
• Arial Work Platforms

Their services include the ability to:
• Deliver the Cherry Picker (Lifting Platform) to your doorstep
• Train and certify Cherry Picker (Lifting Platform) Operators in order that they can safely, and effectively operate Lifting Machines.
In the event that you do not have an operator, they will source and train an operator for you.

There are many types of cherry picker machines, some of which are trailer mounted and driven by diesel motors or electric or even both. To get a better idea of some of the most popular machines you can go to their website.

They also have a Facebook page.


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