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Cherry Picker Rental and Sales

SA Platforms are an excellent company that rents and sells Cherry pickers under the Genie brand. Since they started a few years ago they have experienced incredible growth because of their commitment to customer satisfaction. They not only give you good advice but also exist to make your work safe, effective and efficient. That means they help you enhance workplace productivity, which they believe to be a socially responsible practice.

They have a reliable source of Genie Lifting Platforms enables them to sell and rent out a variety of Cherry Pickers (Lifting Platforms) to suit your needs. The range includes but is not limited to:
• Scissor Lifts
• Telescopic Boom Lifts
• Articulated Boom Lifts
• Arial Work Platforms

Their services include the ability to:
• Deliver the Cherry Picker (Lifting Platform) to your doorstep
• Train and certify Cherry Picker (Lifting Platform) Operators in order that they can safely, and effectively operate Lifting Machines.
In the event that you do not hav…

Pool Covers That Save Water!

Now you can beat the water restrictions and drought! Save water, electricity, chemicals, and maintenance by installing a PVC multi-purpose pool cover. This also keeps dust and leaves out of your pool. Importantly, it is the ideal safety protection cover to keep children and pets safe.

Now you can read more about water safety and download your copy here.

A custom-made pool safety net that complies with SABS and ISO standards is an excellent way to make sure your swimming pool is safe when family and friends visit.  The installation is supervised by the owner of SA Pool Nets and Covers.

Accessorize your pool with other useful products like a custom solar blanket or a solar-powered pool alarm. Get expert advice from SA Pool Nets and Covers.
Promotional Clothing, Company Branding, and Corporate Clothing Services can be obtained from Extended Client Solutions.

Corporate Clothing and Safety Wear

Empower your employees and allow them to wear and display your brand. Supply your management staff and internal departments with corporate uniforms, and equip your factory labour with protective overalls, safety boots, and other Personal Protective Equipment. You can get these from Extended Client Solutions.

Sports Wear Sponsorships

Re-invest in society by marketing your company through Sporting Sponsorships. ECS can sublimate your jerseys, cycling shirts and present you with basically any sporting requirement including the equipment you may require.

Outdoor Branding

Branded gazebos are excellent when you have an outdoor function, such as a golf day or at a function where you will be displaying some of your products and marketing brochures for clients to view. Another great way to display your company branding and logo is with pull-up…

Beautiful Flowers

It's Springtime!Beautiful flowers decorate our gardens with wondrous colours and call out for the early rains to come and soak the ground with life-giving water. As we stroll by our senses detect the delightful aromas of beautiful flowers liven up our gardens in all their glory. What more do we want? Life is more than things. Experience the sun on your face. Smell those flowers mingled with other scents. 
Take a deep breath and let the experience flood your soul. Think of love, laughter, excitement, and beauty. Let the light morning breeze caress your soul. Listen to the birds in the distant. You are alive with light and all your senses awaken as you delight in the explosion of colour and fragrances of nature. For that moment you become aware that you are much more than just a body. You are also beautiful, a multi-dimensional expression of our Creator. Just like a beautiful flower you also light up the world around you if you remember this moment and smile! See more beautiful flow…

Arts and Crafts Classes

Learn how to make a delightful home decor board that you can hang on a wall for friends and family to admire your handiwork.

This notice is for people who love to create something with their hands and who live in the area. Jems Arts & Crafts are situated in Glen Marais, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. Those who can make it to the crafts class, here are the details:

8th October
Multimedia class – R250
Full kit included in price
From 9.00am until project completed.

There will also be another class:

22nd October Mosaic class – choose your own project. Purchase items from the shop and pay an additional R70 for class From 9.00am until project completed.
Tea/Coffee and a light snack will be served.
Booking is essential.
Jems Arts & Crafts is a delightful crafts shop where they sell all sorts of crafts merchandise you need for your projects. You can visit their website at