On My Silverback

Silverback Sola 3 mountain bike
Silverback Mountain Bike

Today the weather was fine, just like a summer's day, so I donned my riding gear and grabbed my Silverback and off I went for a ride. With a successful day behind me, it was time to enjoy myself and unwind by cycling.

Just 3 months ago I wasn't sure whether I would ever ride again. A month or two prior to that I bought my new bicycle, which wasn't cheap, but then the most annoying pain developed in my lower back and left leg. It was so bad that I couldn't walk or sit, never mind ride a bike. I even thought about why I had spent so much money on a new bike because the doctors were talking about an MRI scan and vertebrae fusions. Any medication I took or treatment that I went for made no difference. I could just look at my new bike and shake my head.

Fortunately, things got better in time and today my Silverback beckoned. Conditions were ideal and I was in the mood for some exercise. I followed my usual route in the neighbourhood and all the scents and sensations of freedom were back again. If I ever doubted that I would ride again, those thoughts were a thing of the past. I remembered the first time I rode a bicycle. It belonged to a friend and I was very young. I enjoyed it so much, in spite of falling numerous times, that I asked him if I could ride home with it.

The first time I climbed on a mountain bike I got hooked again. Riding in gravel, sand or mud is effortless on a mountain bike with knobbly tyres that grip the dirt and keep you in complete control. Even though I am not so young anymore I can cycle pretty well and forget about the number of years and focus on what I enjoy. This is the first bike that doesn't make my hands go numb while I ride. That, after going through five bicycles that were too big and had the wrong setup.

Well, after all that I've been through with a bad hernia, heart problems that almost killed me, and then lower back, leg and even hip joint aches that were almost driving me mad, I did manage to overcome these health issues and never gave up. I guess I am very fortunate to have managed to be able to ride in spite of disappointments and obstacles.

I'd rather go cycling and feel the sun's rays warm my body and enjoy the day-to-day scenes as pass by people than join a gym and exercise in a building. That's why I invested in my Silverback. Gym memberships are costly and you are allocated a specific time to exercise unless you want to cough up extra bucks. I can go cycling whenever I feel like it right from my own home and I don't need to get in my car to drive somewhere to cycle unless I decide to do that.

Sometimes, when the urge gets to me, I grab my bike and ride even though I may not be feeling my best. That's usually when I come back feeling refreshed and on top of the world. This happened today after doing an easy seven kilometres. I've even had to tighten my belt since my waist seems to be shrinking. Good for my weight! Good for my soul!


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