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Ceiling insulation is just the right answer for the chilly winter temperatures that we are experiencing right now, so you can make your home more comfortable and temperatures more bearable. 

Installing ceiling insulation in your roof will raise the temperature and make living in your home a pleasure during the winter months. Besides making your home or office environment warmer, you can experience the following benefits:
  • This product is environmentally friendly and SABS approved
  • Used in Europe and the USA where it gets even colder than here
  • Non Toxic and non irritant, so you won't experience any adverse side-effects
  • It is blown into every nook and cranny, effectively providing excellent ceiling insulation
  • Can be applied in various thicknesses according to your liking
  • ThermGuard is durable - a perfect investment
  • It also makes your home cooler in summertime

Designed not to support wet or dry rot and, under normal conditions, ThermGuard will last the lifetime of the building it is installed in. Rodents and insects find the chemicals in ThermGuard unattractive, discouraging these pests from nesting in your roof.

From the video above you will see that this ceiling insulation is sprayed on as a loosefill insulation, providing optimum thermal insulation all over.

Get your roof insulated by experienced technicians at http://www.thesolarshop.co.za/ceiling_insulation.htm


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