Aerial Lift Platforms In Action

Z135/70 Aerial Lift Platform can reach an amazing 43 metres into the air, enabling workers access to carry out maintenance and other operations in inaccessible elevated locations. This is an amazing Super Boom!

Z135/70 Genie® is an engine-powered articulating boom that provides amazing lifting versatility. It combines up, out and over positioning capabilities and outreach, which is ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications.


  • New X-design drive chassis extends and retracts to provide both stability on the job and a narrow profile for transport
  • Telescoping Jib-Extend™ jib extends from 12 to 20 ft (3.66 to 6.10 m) and provides a 110˚ vertical range of motion
  • 360˚ continuous rotation turntable and 160˚platform rotation for fast, easy positioning
  • Four-wheel drive with full-time positive traction handles rough ground conditions to enhance the smoothness of the ride
  • Four-wheel steer with front-wheel, rear-wheel, crab- and coordinated- steer options available to provide additional maneuverability
  • Full-time positive traction 4WD and four wheel brakes
  • The ALC 1000 electronic control system provides menu-based adjustments for machine and component calibration as well as on-screen multi-language system diagnostics
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