Silverback is a strange way to start a blog article. It's the name of a mountain bike which I recently purchased. In just over a week from now I will be on my way to ride in the next Mapa 24 hours Southern Skies MTB Challenge in Parys. The new bicycle was procured for the very reason of riding in the challenge.

Why did I go to all the trouble and expense of getting yet another mountain bike? Well, when you go to a cycle dealer you are overwhelmed by the variety of choices you are confronted by. Then the sales person helping you could be trying to sell you something that suits him and not you. Quite often I have looked at bikes and was told that a medium would suit me, but that was incorrect.

I had made up my mind to buy a Momsen this time, but again I was steered by the salesman in another direction and I ended up buying a Silverback. Nevertheless I insisted that I wanted a small. That was the best decision I ever made because, as it turned out, it was the correct size for me. When I looked at the sizing guide on their website this evening I received confirmation of my choice. Having covered approximately 60 kilometres on my new bike already I can say that it is the perfect fit for me. It's lighter than my previous full suspension bike which I managed to sell at a reasonable price.

Having acquired this new information and experience with my new bike I feel much better about the change and that I finally have arrived at a bike that suits me. The configuration just works perfectly and there's no pain anywhere when riding the bike. I guess if it fits it fits, hey! Well done salesman - I thanked him, by the way.

My impression of the Silverback Sola 3 that I bought is that it is a real pleasure to ride. The gears change like a dream and I can ride the saddle without padding. I don't get pins and needles in my hands like I used to and it responds very well to bursts of speed. I would have liked a full carbon lighter bike, but can't afford one at the moment. The wider handlebars make changing direction easy - she handles like a formula 1 car - a lot better than my previous mountain bikes. It definitely is a big step up from what I had before. Silverback get my vote of confidence because this bike performs like a thoroughbred.


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