Pirates Party


Coral Divers is hosting their 11th annual Pirates Party!! We cordially invite you and your scallywag
crew to attend a weekend of treasure hunting, rum and fun.
Get ready to set sail and join us from Thursday 2nd June until Sunday 5th June 2016.

You and your band of pirates will face many challenges in the search for Coral’s Treasure. Solve riddles, avoid tall tales, and interpret the legends of old. Sodwana Bay is where the treasure lays, waiting to be found. But beware! Sea monsters and Jesser point mermaids are the cause for many shipwrecks and pirates visiting Davy Jones’s locker.

Recruit your team and gather supplies. To be prepared, please note the following;
A minimum number of 8 persons and maximum of 10 persons per crew is required to compete for the
treasure. A maximum of 2 teams per dive school.
As entry fee to join the treasure hunt each person is required to book a 3 night 5 dive package
including dinner and breakfast.
Diving challenges will be important for exploring the ocean depths and maybe finding small hidden
treasures. Please make sure your crew is equipped with a navigational device (compass), a fish documenting device (cam- era) and a good pair of sea legs.
For those crew members who enjoy documenting the underwater world a photo competition will be held.

Land lubber activities will also be taken into account and lead to the hidden treasure. Boma challenges, touch rugby and a final treasure hunt will be held in various locations.

The Buccaneers Bash, is where all the pirate crews of the weekend drink and be merry. This will be held on the Saturday night along with prize giving and a Great pirate feast! Don’t forget to make and effort and dress as your favourite pirate, the best dressed male and female will be sailing home with a great prize.

Please reply as soon as possible to book you and your crew in the hunt for Coral’s Treasure.
Visit Ouboet du Preez on Facebook or African Adventure Academy to book.


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