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bigjigs rail educational toys

When I look with nostalgia at this picture of Bigjigs wooden railway toys it takes me back to my childhood days playing for hours and being totally wrapped up in my own imagination. I would plan my little town and build a railway station and a rail system that would go over roads and pass houses and farms with animals. It became a whole life-like system of transport and a community all in one. 

I think that this type of playing develops a child's ability to think in three dimensions and plan where things should go and how they all work together - a whole system. It is far better than having them watch a screen all day long. With these educational toys they have to actually handle pieces and figure out how to fit them together into a working system. This isn't difficult and it is loads of fun.

Meet station master Sam and his crew at Bigjigs Rail, a fun range of traditional wooden trains and rail accessories, designed with children in mind where imaginations come to life. They come with fantastic features like automatic tipping wagons, battery-powered engines as well as working cranes. They are child-friendly and completely safe. Bigjigs Rail scores high on quality, educational and nostalgic value. These wooden train sets are not only long lasting and excellent value for money, but they are scalable too - you can keep on adding accessories as and when you like!

The question is where do you buy these super toys? Look no further than Toddler & Kids Warehouse where you can find a whole host of super educational toys or you can just click on this Bigjigs link to go directly to their range.


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