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Bigjigs Rail | Toddlers Warehouse

I really wish I had a Bigjigs Rail set like this when I was a kid because in the picture above I can see the railway tracks going over a mountain and then crossing a bridge to another mountain and then over one more bridge. Also the trees are beautiful additions to create a picturesque landscape. I would add some paper beneath the whole set on the ground and draw in some roads and grass in some areas. That would add even more realism to my town.

In my imaginary world I would make up a story of Tintin and Snowy following some leads involving suspicious goings on at Witch Mountain. I just thought of a lake and a river that I could draw on the paper I mentioned earlier. This would make my town look even more realistic. I'm sure that I could also get some paint for these and a packet of clay which would be useful for moulding extra objects and figures in my town - wow I'm really into this project now. I can make the whole story come to life with my Bigjigs Rail set and accessories.

Once I have completed all the details of my town with the railway going through the mountains and over a river and roads I can take some pictures and write a little story for my grandchildren who can participate in building more detail into my landscape. My grandson and his sister can help me create objects with the clay and they can paint the lake, river and roads for me - a really cool team project.

I see this as a really fun way of enjoying a realistic and creative, fun way to play with my grandson and granddaughter, who is very much into cars and trains. So I will order this set online from Toddler & Kids Warehouse, who have a whole lot of Bigjigs Rail sets and accessories. Guess who will have the most fun - me of course!


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