Nesher Private School (Delmas School)

On 4 September 2015 I created a mobile responsive website for an Afrikaans Private School called Nesher ( Private schools are important institutions that educate our children and provide an important function in our society. We definitely need smart kids who will lead in the future. Nesher is one of those places that nurtures future leaders.

They also make use of Learning Receptiveness Profiles, a brain-based assessment tool to determine the neurological wiring of a child, discovering how uniquely they process information, in which mode they prefer to learn, their emotional readiness for learning and it also indicates areas for further development. To learn more about how this cutting edge technology can help you, click on this link!assessments/c1c5f.

Today I posted more photographs to their Opportunities page (Geleenthede). The photos show the wide variety of activities the pupils enjoy at Nesher. The children attend leadership camps.

Leadership Camp -Nesher Privaatskool

Acrobranch, one of the activities, is a Treetop experience dedicated to offering children and adults a unique adventure as they move from tree to tree in lush, green forests. (I presume that is offered as a voluntary activity that you pay for).

Acrobranch activities at Nesher Private School

There are photographs of pet days, planting days, debate days, candle art days, missionary visit days, well creation days, athletics days, fitness photos and more. It looks like they cover a wide spectrum of interesting activities that help develop the pupils, mentally, physically and emotionally. This is probably part of their Learning Receptiveness Profiles program to develop well-rounded skills resulting in bright leaders of the future. What I know about the Neurolink curriculum is that you learn more effectively when you also incorporate physical activities in your program. But the activities need to be stimulating and and pleasant.

Wow, leadership skills, a great learning environment, team building, first-class tutoring, attention to pupils, and a whole lot more makes this school the one of choice in the area in my opinion. Why don't you contact the principal to find out more about Nesher Privaatskool if this school, in the Eloff area, is close enough for you.

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