Horses In The Mist Coming Up Again.

On 10th October 2013 I mentioned that I added this picture to my blog post for future motivation. As I sit and type this post I have an aching body. I suppose it serves me right for not riding consistently for more than a year. About two weeks ago I was informed that we would be riding again in the 24 hour race.

Late this afternoon we were on our mountain bikes doing 8 kilometres. Around 6 kilometres my backside couldn't take it anymore, but we pressed on. Tomorrow morning I will have to drag myself into an upright position when I get up. Whilst riding I commented to my wife that two years ago we were so fit that we didn't feel a thing at the end of a long ride. Now it's hard slogging to get riding fit again - like starting all over again.

We are really looking forward to the event. Both my wife and I have full suspension bikes which should make the ride a lot better. This time I am going to take pictures which will help with my future posts. Hopefully I will find the horses still grazing in the early morning mist. I think I am going to take both cell phones along for pictures because they are more portable than my camera.

Well, thanks for reading and I will keep the posts coming. Oh yes, the 24 hour race is in about two weeks time.

It's now almost a year later and I see that readers of this blog like to have a look at this blog post. Therefore I have decided to add two more photos of the horses that I took pictures of whilst riding in the race. You can see that it was quite misty in the early morning. These horses were magnificent and added a special ambiance to the event we were taking part in. Something I will never forget.


  1. Although it was a bit painful getting started again we have now passed that point of initial discomfort and are doing fine. The race is on this Saturday and we are really looking forward to it. I woke up this morning to some heavy rain so I guess that makes the race even more interesting. Usually that is a sign of things to come.


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