Just Another Day

As the sun kisses the distant rooftops we set out on our bicycles to experience the freedom and release from the day's stress that comes from cycling. At the first corner of the field two tiny chihuahuas attack me and I just pick up speed and they worry me no more.

When I told Maggie (my wife) that I was going to ride to get some fresh air she switched her computer off and started getting her riding gear on - she needs no invitation. At the next corner we entered the shade and felt the temperature drop considerably - Maggie calls it the cold road. Next followed the slight downhill and we accelerated a bit.

Another corner and we enter the sunny patch again as we pass Java jealously viewing us from our yard. Ahead we have those pesky little chihuahuas again. This time the skinny little fellow has a go at my ankles and I kick at it but she is too careful not to get too close. In the end I just decide to pump harder on the pedals and that gets me away from the little pest.

At the next corner we enter the shade again and pedal faster to the other side where the sun pats our backs. Turning left we decide to go another round, but can't see our two little chihuahua terrorists. Passing their home and turning left we see them and I decide to be the attacker. That scared the sh#t out the little critter because it bolted back home without a sound.

Finally we circumnavigate the field and are back at our front gate again. Just a few minutes of adrenalin pumping and we feel refreshed and relaxed as we store our bikes, the mouthwatering roasted chicken aroma from the kitchen greets us at the front door. Can life be simpler and better than that?


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