Smile - Because You Can

I sit alone in the dark at 5:00 a.m. in the morning with only my Dell keyboard for light as I type this post. Being an early riser I can’t wait to do something positive in the early morning because that sets the tone for the rest of my day. My energy stems from my will to enjoy every waking moment of my blessed life. 

Someone posted a notice on Facebook that said something like this, “The walls that surround us are actually built by ourselves.” Who we allow in is determined by us and we don’t venture beyond our self-made mental blocks. If we decide that we can do all things (as it is written in the greatest book of life), then we dare venture beyond all our experiences and imagined obstacles into the fun world of exploration to enjoy new things that make us grow. As the saying goes, “Who dares wins.”

So here I am anticipating new possibilities for the day as the birds outside sing of the same thing. They are looking forward with the same expectation to this day. To free your mind of all cares and know that our Shepherd is watching over us with great expectations and admiration like a parent that is fussing over her new-born baby.

Life is not a one man show. It’s a joint venture between people with our Maker lending a huge helping hand. The farmer who cares for his crops and milked the cows made sure that I can walk to my fridge and get some milk for my Weet-bix this morning. When I pull out of the driveway to visit a client and stop for petrol I can thank someone in another part of the world for extracting the oil out of the depths of the earth. Without them it would be a tedious journey on my bicycle.

So if we stop to contemplate life with all its complexities we should be acknowledging that everyone matters and that without other people we are actually lost. Yes, even the “lesser” folks or the people we call “they” when we say, “they say,” or anyone else, for that matter. Maybe we will look at life more differently and give “them” a smile when we think “they” don’t deserve it.

May your future be a bright one and may you live life to the full and enjoy all your blessings today with a thankful heart. That thing that you are doing today is impacting someone nearby and far away. Do it knowing that what you do matters. Even a smile can change the world. Maybe someone is thinking of giving up. Your smile will change that.

If you would like to leave a comment about this, please do. Thank you for reading my blog.


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