Budget Speech

Today is an important day for us in South Africa because our Minister of Finance is going to read his budget speech. I expect him to follow the usual path that he has been travelling for the last couple of years. No big surprises and no big innovations and really no great news.

If we are not too critical we will realise that life is like that anyway - it costs. We all love getting something for nothing, but life really isn't like that at all. The vegetables in my garden didn't just appear from nowhere just because I desired them. No, it took hard work to get them there and now all I need to do is to water them and add a little earthworm tea now and then.

So then if we approach life expecting to pay the price to get what we want instead of wanting it for nothing, then we will appreciate what we get. On the other hand we need good, responsible leadership to look after this magnificent country called South Africa. We want to be proud of living here again.


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