Is your switchgear getting old?

Ageing switchgear can cause quite a headache. You can do one of three things when you experience problems. You can decide to replace the unit or you can refurbish it. Lastly you can go for the retrofit option. But, before you rush that decision you should stop to think the process through.

Modern switchgear has evolved to a point where it is safer to operate than the old switchgear. The modern trend towards safety and user liability makes this an important criteria. Networks are becoming more and more automated. This may require technology far beyond the capability of the old switchgear. Availability of skilled personnel may become a problem and prices might be exorbitant. Parts have a limited production life as technology improvements cause them to be superseded. Lack of spares normally result in malfunctions or equipment being beyond repair.

Once you have considered these factors you are faced with three options: Replacement, Refurbishment or Retrofit. These three options are covered in greater detail at


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